Before making a strategy of website promotion for traffic or a complex, each client is offered a brief brief with questions about the company’s goals.

It has a question about website optimization and promotion: what the client is waiting for, how many visitors he wants to see on the site in a day or a month. As a rule, clients weakly present the real picture and overestimate a possible figure by two or more times. But can an online store selling, for example, notebooks, have 5,000 visitors daily? Does a company selling balloon flights double “jump over” the website of an online gift shop? The site owners believe that all this is real. But these numbers are unreal. There is a service that allows you to find out the number of impressions of keywords in Yandex. These numbers give an idea of ​​how many users will go to the site from the top. To do this, take the general statistics, without restrictions on the region and taking into account the words of the query.

One of the site owners claims that the location of the site in the Yandex top for 3 requests – “buy towels”, “towels”, and “buy towels” – can give at least 200 “guests” per day. His calculations:

– “towels” – 96 853 hits monthly;

– “Buy towels” – 12,528 monthly hits;

– “buy towels” –12,527 monthly hits;

A total of 121,908 hits. The client claims that if one of the 20 people per day follows his link, he will receive 200 visitors: 121908 * 0.05 / 30 = 203. But if you remove the word forms and the phrases of these requests, using the word selection operator [“”] and [ !], it turns out completely different figures:

– “towels” – 1216 hits monthly;

– “buy towels” – 181 shows monthly;

– “buy towels” – 13 monthly shows.

It turns out 1,410 hits monthly, without regional restrictions. It turns out that when you visit the page every 20th, the site will be: 1410 * 0.05 / 30 = 2.4 “guest”. What is surprising is not the inability to use the operator of statistics, but the fact that the client will better understand the complex tool than go into a competitor’s resource and analyze its attendance. In the top you can find sites that have Mail or LI counters and see the average number of “guests”.

Even with closed statistics, average daily traffic is usually available. For this reason, a brief has been added to the paragraph, which offers customers to cite as an example a couple of competitor sites, where there is traffic that they want to have on their site. This question has contributed to the reduction in the expected number of visitors.

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