With over 5.3 billion mobile subscribers in the world, product advertising through mobile phones has moved up to a whole new level and is considered to be the fastest growing market today. There are over 1 billion smart devices in the world and over 50% of mobile users in the United States have a smartphone.A smartphone is defined as a mobile phone with advanced computing, gaming, video, camera, application and connectivity capabilities. Owning a smartphone has evolved from being a want to a basic human need and with it the birth of endless business opportunities for the global market.

Mobile marketing is the new frontier for today’s businesses. It has surpassed what e-marketing has offered us yesterday and has brought forth a new era for mobile marketing campaigns. The success of mobile social media is proof that mobile marketing offers businesses far more advantage in reaching its target market. So, the marketing potential is virtually limitless.

People are taking what was wasted time & making that useful time through their mobile device. So, marketers have essentially more opportunities to engage & interact with their target demographic.

It was reinforced that 8% of all digital traffic now comes from smartphone& tablets, and that 35 % of consumers are now making purchases from their mobile phone & smart devices. Mobile commerce has become the life line of mainstream business & businesses like retailers need to mobile-optimize their sites to position themselves for the continued mobile revolution.

Time spent visiting retail websites on tablets &smartphone has eclipsed that of time spent shopping via the desktop. A combined 51 percent of time on retail websites took place on devices as of February (37% on smartphone, 14% on tablets) compared to 49% on PCs.

According to a growing number of retail industry and mobile tech analysts, the conventional checkout lanes at retail outlets will soon be a thing of the history. By the end of the decade current checkout models at retailers large & small will look dramatically different. The mobile payments giant PayAnywhere made a bold move by openly inviting merchants to accept the future… today.


Why Mobile Marketing emerges so rapidly

Instant results

Users nowadays carry their mobile phones round the clock, and their phones are usually turned on most of the time as well. Thismeans that the person receives your SMS or “push notifications” the moment they are sent. Even if the device is on standby mode, the message (text or any other form) will be received the instant the phone is turned back on. So, unlike any other conventional marketing methods, mobile marketing is asuperb &instant medium for reaching out to a customer base.

Very Easy to Employ

Creating marketing content for smart devices is very easy to implement. Therefore sending a text, image or even a video promotion is much easier &cost efficient than compared to desktops.

It is also much easier to issue promotions, coupons & other marketing incentives to the user on a mobile platform. Another great advantage is that your promotions or incentive will be carried around in the user’s mobile device, thus allowing him/her to access your information at any time & convenience.


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