nvestor Relations (IR) no longer play a role not only in the offline world, but also in the online world. Trends such as seed financing or crowdfunding are used to appeal to younger investors, which gives social media communication a much greater emphasis. The following blog post was inspired by the interview with Andreas Hoschke, Managing Director of the agency Hoschke & Consorten, published on PR report.


Investor Relations on social platforms
Last year, Brunswick Investor Use of Digital and Social Media Survey 2014 showed that 70 percent of the surveyed investors, the digital media have a significant role in investment decisions. Only four percent consider investor relations and social media to be two different pairs of shoes.

Brunswick Study Investor Relations
Source: Brunswick Investor Use Digital and Social Media Survey 2014

But these respondents are traditional medium-sized companies listed on the stock market. With the growing emergence of startups and start-ups, potential investors are also more likely to find themselves on Facebook, Twitter and Co. Online video conferences and interaction with customers and influencers in the social web are part of the daily bread of digital companies. That’s why it’s important to be synonymous with investor relations in social media.

Reach investors
If you’re using social media to reach and engage with investors, then you should master social media marketing. Social media do not replace traditional communication channels, they complement it. Personal contact via email and telephone remains relevant and necessary. Nevertheless, a short, concise message, a post or a tweet, can generate a lot of attention. The distribution and range is much higher, but also on multiple channels at the same time. You should always pay attention to this when you post. They reflect the company again and present themselves in public. In the area of ​​investor relations, you should therefore focus on an interesting capital market story.

Storytelling is announced. In your company stories, for example, you can communicate your strategies and clearly define goals. This will help you to be close to your investors while maintaining transparent communication. Do not miss the emotional aspect of your content. Embody your content credibly throughout the company. In particular, the communications and IR departments should work together.

Trend and Tools for Investor Relations
For IR in social media, it’s important to keep up-to-date with news and discussions about your business and products on the web. To do this, you should use analysis tools to evaluate which topics arrive well and which do not. Relevant values ​​are the range of a message, the multiplication, ie the number of times the message was shared, as well as positive and negative answers. So you are always prepared for possible discussions and can better plan your social media appearance.

Interesting storytelling trends include, for example, the Twitter live video service Periscope or the Facebook news channel, Facebook Instant Article. For working in content marketing and planning via editorial plans, the Scompler tool offers a simple solution.

Conclusion: Like every area in a company, nothing is left to standstill and everything becomes digital. Investor relations must increasingly focus on the online world and position themselves on social platforms. Because that’s where the investors of the future can be found.

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