The propagation of digital media is creating a number of challenges for endeavors in virtually every industry. This usually requires the execution of a formal Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

Digital assets, which can contain everything from images to Word documents, video, sound, PDF, CAD diagrams, PowerPoint files, documents & illustrations, are often scattered multiple crosswise systems.

Many companies that have applied basic SEO principles to an average web site content see substantial payback; adding new content & attracting links help maintain search-marketing performance.

A natural succession of SEO is a holistic approach that deems all of a company’s searchable assets that can be keyword optimized & promoted online. Typical optimization of content in the appearance of the web page SEO is a starting point that can be extended to various media types that are increasingly prominent in both standard search and media search such as images, video & audio. Digital Asset Optimization (DAO) can be applied to various document/file formats such as RSS, Flash, PDF, MS Office, etc.

In the screenshot beyond from Google on the search query, “social media”, you can see video, images, & news issues are incorporated into standard search consequences. All are facilities for Digital Asset Management as optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is challenging enough for businesses rich with digital assets. An attempt to optimize & promote those assets to bots can be both challenging & rewarding.  Digital Asset Optimization is how we describe for clients what new opportunities there are to facilitate to pull themselves using search to client content.

Companies that are not rich in digital assets can leverage the variety of assets offline & online that they DO have for improved search marketing advantage. A common example is the repurposing of offline content & digital media for online marketing goals.

For instance, tradeshow / training videos used offline could remix & edited to provide online content in the appearance of online video, images & text. One group of media type can optimized for the average search such as Google / Bing, as well as promoted on distinct media sites, for example, YouTube & Flickr.

In particular, a video provides multiple media optimization opportunities:

  • Videos hosted by services such as Vimeo / YouTube can be optimized
  • Videos hosted through 3rd party services can be embedded into any blog post, web page, or within a press release on services
    Screen shots of central moments in the video can be hosted on image sharing sites by links back to the actual video
  • Show notes can escort the embedded video to give users & search engines with setting & explanation of the video (by relevant keywords)
  • A detach article made up of a transcription of the video can be posted off / on site as a promotion for the embedded video page

The primary premise for good Digital Asset Optimization or Search Engine Optimization and whatsoever you want to call optimizing content is “If it can be explored on, it can be optimized”.

“Search ability” means an asset is crawled by a bot & subsequently available for sorting in search results when consumers perform inquiries. As such, each searchable content presents a chance for optimization & improved visibility.

The benefits of a more holistic optimization & marketing strategy can be extended further than content used to attract leads & sales. There are other types of search that can drive/ benefit business including customer service associated content, job listings & news content. Each has its own audience to consider, therefore, a dissimilar context for optimization.

Creating it easier for search engines to do find, index & sort content will bring profits to most companies who make the effort to do so in the appearance of increased sales, recruiting, & news coverage as well as lower consumer support costs. That is the new opportunity this year & subsequently for corporate content optimization efforts.

Raising an interdepartmental process for matching up the different digital assets with corresponding channels of promotion, offers businesses with minimal content resources added online marketing opportunities. It also gives companies that produce substantial content an awesome competitive advantage. They key to any victorious Search Engine Optimization or Digital Asset Optimization effort is developing the proper strategy, implementation & management to reaching business purposes.

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