The development of Internet marketing requires constant development in terms of new approaches to work and the improvement of website promotion technologies. In the previous article on our blog, we already mentioned the use of crowd marketing as a promising method of promoting websites and online stores in modern conditions. Today we will examine in detail what is the essence of this term and what advantages this method of work has.

What is crowd marketing?

Crowd marketing (crowd brand marketing) is a kind of guerrilla marketing, the essence of which is to promote the brand, products and services of the company by forming a positive opinion among the potential audience. Thus, instead of direct advertising, sales promotion is implemented through reviews and recommendations of Internet users.

Advisory messages are posted in various communities, such as thematic forums, social networks, comments on articles in blogs, etc. Thus, in the case of, for example, with an online store, a link to a product or informational article looks like a natural recommendation from another user left with the goal of helping a potential customer in choosing a product.

Examples of messages posted on various resources as part of a crowd marketing campaign can be seen below:

In fact, this is a kind of work in the field of improving the brand’s reputation, since the growing number of references to the company on the Web allows to increase interest from the audience and attract those interested in buying visitors to the site.

Benefits of crowd marketing for your brand

Benefits of crowd marketing for your brand

Although this promotion method requires a lot of time from the performers, it has a number of advantages for the client:

  • the most natural nature of backlinks to the company’s website;
  • increase in citation and brand awareness on the Web;
  • increase in the number of transitions from searching for queries related to the brand name;
  • user referrals from various sources, that is, the growth of referral traffic;
  • attracting interested customers and sales growth;
  • improvement of the reference profile and position of the site in the search, a natural combination of dofollow- and nofollow-links.

Work on a client’s project as part of a crowd marketing campaign is done manually by specially trained employees, which guarantees high quality results. It is also worth noting that the main criteria for the selection of sites is thematicity, relevance of discussion, resource attendance and community activity.

Who will be interested in crowd marketing?

Who will be interested in crowd marketing?

In fact, promotion of this kind will be useful not only for almost any type of business, but also for information content projects. Therefore, we recommend crowd marketing:

  • online shopping;
  • corporate sites;
  • landing page (landing page);
  • content information projects;
  • online services.

It is worth emphasizing that crowd marketing will be especially valuable for an online store in conjunction with such link building areas as posting reviews, publishing in the media, increasing the link mass through thematic backlinks. In addition, the efficiency will be equally high both for sites operating in the markets of Russia and Ukraine, and for projects oriented to the Western market.

The topic of crowd marketing is certainly interesting because this method of search engine promotion is absolutely safe. Let such work and requires relatively high labor costs, no search engine filters can not be afraid.

Our company provides crowd-marketing services and can help you not only improve brand awareness on the Web, but also increase sales. As we have said, the work on crowd marketing requires a tremendous amount of time and effort, and to correctly write links you need to evaluate the characteristics of the site and its potential return for the project. Such a task for an office employee on the client side will clearly be beyond the capacity, due to lack of experience and relevant professional skills.

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